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Kin town`s specialty,Taro sweets specialty store for souvenirs, gifts, and snacks.

“Kinta” is an understandably well-loved shop specializing in sweets made with Kin’s famous taro root.
It is the sister shop of “Choraku,” a café and restaurant where one can enjoy taro dishes while taking in a superb view of the ocean.
Kinta’s taro pie was originally offered as a dessert at Choraku, but after the pie developed a delicious reputation, they decided to open a shop specializing in the pies.

Taimo Sweets Kinta Kin Location

Taimo Sweets Kinta Kin Location

This specialty store currently represents Kin in the battle of the best taro sweets.
People come from all over the prefecture to buy their taro treats as souvenirs and gifts.


The taro pie, a rich taro filling wrapped in flaky pie crust, is stuffed generously with taro, and makes for a filling treat.

Taimo Sweets Kinta Kin Location

This is the “Taro Cheesecake.”
The mildly sweet and simple flavor of the taro pairs perfectly with the rich cheesecake.
It is available for purchase by the slice, half, or whole cake.

Their recently introduced “Taro Cheesecake Royale” is one size smaller, and perfect for gifts.
Their lovely packaging is available upon customer request.

Taimo Sweets Kinta Kin Location

Their original tea, a popular product for 20 years, is also worth checking out.
They also roast their own coffee and black tea, and it is surely worth a try together with their taro sweets.

Basic information

Address 414 Aza Kin, Kin-cho, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa Prefecture
Car parking Yes
Open Hours 10:00-19:00 (17:00 on Tuesdays)
Fixed Holidays Open 7 days a week
Contact Details Taimo Sweets Kinta Kin Location
Telephone 098-968-4330

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