Kin Town Free Wi-Fi FAQ

[Overview of the service]

Q: What kind of service is KinTownFreeWi-Fi?

A: It is a public wireless LAN service provided by Kin. Anyone with a device that can connect to Wi-Fi can use KinTownFreeWi-Fi for free.

Q: Where can I use the service?

A: You can use it in facilities such as the Kin Active Park, the Kin Baseball Stadium, the Kin Football Center, Nature Mirai Experiences, KIN Sunrise Beach Seaside Park, KIN Sunrise Beach Parking Lot and others.

Q: How much does it cost to use KinTownFreeWi-Fi?

A: Anyone can connect to the internet for free with KinTownFreeWi-Fi.

Q: What do I need to use KinTownFreeWi-Fi?

A: You need a device that can connect to wireless LAN networks and that is equipped with a browser, such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop and the like.

Q: How can I use KinTownFreeWi-Fi?

A: When you connect to the internet at a location equipped with KinTownFreeWi-Fi, click “I accept” on the terms and conditions page. You do not need to apply beforehand or have a contract with an internet provider.


Q: Are there websites that I cannot visit?

A: KinTownFreeWi-Fi may limit access to some sites that are not suitable for minors. This is to protect young people.
When access to a site is limited, the following message will appear.
“This site is blocked because it violates the policy of our service. Please click the “back” button on your browser and visit a different site. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

Q: Is communication through KinTownFreeWi-Fi encrypted?

A: To make KinTownFreeWi-Fi easy to use, wireless communication (communication between your device and the access point) is not encrypted. That means users with criminal intent may intercept the content of your communications.Please use the service responsibly. For example, do not transmit important information such as credit card numbers or passwords.

Q: Is there anything that I need to know about using KinTownFreeWi-Fi?

A: You can use the service between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. In addition, if 24 hours have passed since you selected “I accept” on the terms and conditions screen, you may be asked to select “I accept” on the terms and conditions screen again.
Also, while you are essentially free to use the service as you wish, it is forbidden to engage in behavior that involves “unauthorized access and the like.” Among others, this includes disseminating slanderous messages on message boards, sending fraudulent emails, or gaining unauthorized access to other computers.

[How-to and troubleshooting]

Q: My device connects to KinTownFreeWi-Fi automatically.

A: If you have used KinTownFreeWi-Fi at some point, it is possible that the settings on your smartphone or other Wi-Fi-enabled device will tell the device to automatically connect to KinTownFreeWi-Fi again as soon as you come within range of its network.

How to avoid automatic Wi-Fi connection [For iOS]
• Tap “Settings” – “Wi-Fi” and the “i” button.

• Tap “Delete this network setting”, a confirmation dialog will be displayed. Tap the”Delete” button.

How to avoid automatic Wi-Fi connection [For Android]
• Go to “Settings” – “Wi-Fi” and tap the network you are using.

• When the network information is displayed, tap the “Disconnect” button.

Q: I see the Wi-Fi symbol on my device, but I cannot access the internet.

A: When you connect to the internet, you will be asked to agree to the terms of use on the terms and conditions page. Your device may show a “Wi-Fi symbol” as soon as you are in range of the network, but it will not actually connect the internet until you proceed to the terms and conditions page. Please follow these instructions to complete the authentication procedure in your browser.


Q: Can I connect to a power source in the places where I can use KinTownFreeWi-Fi?

A: There are no power sources available.


Q: What is Wi-Fi (“wai-fai”)?

A: A standard or technology for connecting to the internet through a wireless LAN network.
Setups that allow you to use Wi-Fi as a public service in public facilities and the like are called, among others, “public Wi-Fi” or “public wireless LAN.”
Such networks are provided for a fee or gratis in public facilities such as municipal buildings, as well as in train stations, airports, or commercial facilities such as shops serving food and drink, including coffee shops and fast food restaurants.

Q: What is an SSID (“es-es-ai-dee”)?

A: An identifier for a wireless LAN access point. It works as the “nameplate” of the access point.

Q: What is an access point?

A: The wireless equipment or base station used to connect to a wireless LAN network. It is abbreviated to “AP.” When there are no obstacles in the way, a public wireless LAN network is said to have a range of around 100m away from the access point (though in general, the network will be usable within a range of several dozen meters from the access point).

Q: What is a browser?

A: An application that allows you to browse information on the internet. “Browser” generally refers to the kind of “world wide web browser” that is used to view web pages. For personal computers, the most well-known browsers are applications such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari. For smartphones, the most-used browsers are “Safari” (iPhone) and “Browser” or “Chrome” (Android).