Activities & Shopping KIN Sunrise Beach Seaside Park

The longest 800m long beach in the prefecture

KIN Sunrise Beach Seaside Park, which was featured in a program broadcast in Kyushu Okinawa called “Kyushu Okinawa Iitokodori # Kyun Tabi Caravan”, as the largest long beach in the prefecture with a total length of 800 meters.

In addition, there is a management building, a toilet and shower and a shaded resting/activity area in the park. In addition to swimming and marine leisure, you can also enjoy barbecue, and the menu is also substantial.

BBQ orders can be ordered up to three days in advance, and orders from 3 or more sets will be accepted. You can order with the following order form.

The transparency of the sea is high, and it is also a sunrise spot on the east coast, so it is the best beach to purify your tired body and recharge your energy.

It is said that sea turtles were also seen swimming during the maintenance of the beach. Turtles has been cherished as a lucky charm for a long time. When you actually see such a turtle, it is said to be a sign of good luck.

If you can see a sea turtle, there is no doubt that your luck will go up! Please heal your daily fatigue at KIN Sunrise Beach.

Basic information

Address KinTown Kin 10819-4
Car parking Available
Open Hours 9:00 to 17:00
Fixed Holidays Monday ※ If Monday is a public holiday, it will be open, and the next Tuesday will be closed.
Contact Details KIN Sunrise Beach Seaside Park
Telephone 098-968-3373

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