Food King Tacos Kin main branch

Let's enjoy the hearty taco rice that is suitable for the name of King, which inherits the taste of the restaurant that originated from taco rice!

Taco rice was devised by the founder of Parlor Senri, Matsuzo Gibo, and was born in 1984.
Its foundations were in the very same town of Kin that you see before your eyes, and it seems that Mr. Gibo devised the idea of a dish with taco fillings on top of rice out of a desire to give his customers, young American soldiers, a cheap food that would leave them feeling satisfied.
Parlor Senri unfortunately closed its doors in 2015, but as its sister store, King Tacos has inherited that same flavor. There are a number of stores through Okinawa prefecture, but the main branch here in Kin was the very first one.

King Tacos Kin main branch

The portion sizes are enormous, but you’re able to take food home by the pack if you’re unable to eat it all, which is really nice.

King Tacos Kin main branch
Both ketchup and original taco sauce are available, so choose according to your preference.

Orders are made at the counter on the first floor.

King Tacos Kin main branch
A store loved by locals as well as tourists.

You can eat in or take away.
The eating in space on the second floor is wide and open, so you can relax and enjoy your meal.

King Tacos Kin main branch

The taco rice isn’t the only good thing to eat, and the jumbo burger is also a popular order.
Both offer the same large portion sizes, so coming as a group and sharing small amounts as you eat might not be a bad idea too!

Basic information

Address 4244-4 Kin Kin town Kunigami Okinawa
Car parking Gold Hall parking area, Active Park public parking area
Open Hours 10:30~1:00
Telephone 090-1947-1684

King Tacos Kin main branch

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