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Another name is "Refreshing hut” A communication bar where you can loosely interact with the locals.

Yamagoya, located across from the Kin main street Family Mart, is a bar that softly starts serving at around 4 p.m. It was built from scrap by the owner, Mr Nakurmura, an architect. In the cottage-style interior, local customers drink beer and the locally made liquor awamori, and the pace is relaxed.

Japnese-style bar Yamagoya
Yamagoya opened in 2008. Before that it was a bar called Sawayaka-Iori, and that’s the sign that catches the eye from the street. If you’re looking for it, it’s easy to find if you head toward the white sign.

Japnese-style bar Yamagoya
Mr Nakamura doesn’t really seem to mind about the name. “Even some of our regulars call it Sawayaka-Iori. Either is fine by me.” The Kin resident of 30 years says the motivation for opening a bar was that he likes drinking, and wanted to chat to customers while having a drink.

Behind the bar, there is a spacious room that used to be for karaoke. The pink curtains and stage adorned with guitar and samisen create a distinctive atmosphere.

Japnese-style bar Yamagoya
The food made by the staff includes island squid sashimi, soki pork with soba noodles, and fried Okinawan soba noodles – Okinawan food is popular. The tofu chanpuru is particularly good, with fried local tofu and exquisitely crunchy vegetables. It goes especially well with the locally made awamori liquor, “Tatsu”.

“We’ve had people from Singapore, Taiwan and even Israel. They enjoy going to places with a local atmosphere when on holiday.” While talking about this with Mr Nakamura, the night wears gently on. And he’s right! It would be a memorable stop on any trip.

Basic information

Address 532 Aza-Kin, Kin-cho, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa
Car parking Available (4)
Open Hours 16:00 - 22:00
Fixed Holidays Open all year round
Contact Details Japnese-style bar Yamagoya
Telephone 098-968-6046

Japnese-style bar Yamagoya

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