Things to See & Entertainment Yaka no Ufuka (Oido)

Wells have been used for acquiring water for drinking and other common use until recent years. The water of Kamika (Shindo) has been used as bottled water, purifying the dead, and for a variety of religious purposes such as the village's festivals.

Built on top of stonework, Ufuka (Oido) was dugged right in the middle of Yaka as the village’s principal well, according to folklore. The well’s water was being used by the villagers for drinking and other common purposes until recent years.

Yaka no Ufuka (Oido)

The well—as the village’s Kamika (Shindo)—also has deep relations with the village priest, as its water is used as Wakamizu (first drawn water on New Year’s), as sacred water, as well as for purifying the dead. The well is also an important cultural property as well as a significant token of the region’s folk belief as people still perform yearly Ka-ugami, and Ufuka-ugami that happens every 25th of June as religious service by females.

Yaka no Ufuka has been registered as part of Kin city’s tangible folk cultural assets on April 27th, 1993.

[Kin city designated cultural property(folk cultural assets(tangible))]

Basic information

Address 14 Aza-Yaka, Kin-cho, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa
Contact Details Kin Town Board of Education

Yaka no Ufuka (Oido)

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