Things to See & Entertainment Kintagaa

Even today, this spring continues to gush with plentiful water. 
It's a lush place that's teaming with nature and the sights of marine life, like fresh-water prawns.

Located Southeast of Namisato-Buraku, this water supply has served as an indispensable existence to the daily lives of people in the region; providing drinking water to every home, water to use for laundry and bathing, to wash their food and produce, and more.


Behind the spring lives a lush, scared forest ground, a women and men’s bath separated by a concrete wall, and on the opposite side of the road there’s a place to wash vegetables. In it’s original form, this long-standing water well is very precious and remains even to this day.


Kintagaa was desinated as a Kinchou historical landmark on December 24th, 1991.
[Kinchou Cultural Assets (Historical Landmarks) Committee]

Basic information

Address 919 Aza-Kin, Kin-cho, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa
Contact Details Kin town board of education
Telephone 098-968-2991


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