Things to See & Entertainment Igei Cosmos Fields

The cosmos flower, a sign of the coming spring, blooms for as far as the eye can see.

Igei’s villagers plant cosmos seeds as a form of green manure in the village’s rice fields, which lay unused between November and March. The best time to view the cosmos blossoms is in mid-February.

Igei Cosmos Fields

The blooming cosmos flowers become more popular with each passing year, and as a sign of the coming spring have become something of a seasonal tradition in Kin town. With magnificent blossoms for as far as the eye can see, Igei’s cosmos fields attract not only Okinawans, but also visitors from outside the prefecture. A well known photography spot, the village also gives away free cosmos seeds to visitors.

Basic information

Address 778-1 Igei Kin town Okinawa
Contact Details Igei Community Center
Telephone 098-968-2147

Igei Cosmos Fields

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